About Us

CTS is a family owned and operated business. This entire business idea simply started from a need of a corner shelf for our home. After endless hours of searching online for the right design and one that was made of "real wood" for a reasonable price, I gave up. That is when my husband, a retired Air Force Veteran said "I can build you one". I simply dismissed the idea but to my surprise the next day when I came home there was the perfect corner shelf exactly what I wanted. I couldn't believe his talent.

After a long discussion over several weeks we decided to turn his passion of wood working and my love of painting into a pastime for him to keep busy while I worked my fulltime job. Our passion quickly took off and overwhelmed  us. Jump ahead a year and a half later I quit my fulltime job to run our business fulltime as owner and operator.

We enjoy our rustic country life working side by side everyday. Woodworking is a great hobby that we both love and are so blessed and thankful that we have been able to turn our passion into our business.

We truly enjoy creating unique and rustic pieces that capture the attention of others.

Thank You for visiting us today. We would love to create something unique and rustic for you.

Tara and Curtis Stewart

CTS Home Finishings